Summer Program 2021

Learn about the fun our students had during Little Acorn Academy's 2021 summer program.

The summer came and went faster than ever before. The classes enjoyed fun themes every week, beginning with a Party in the USA. The kids enjoyed many different crafts and cookery relating to the 4th of July. Other July themes included, Outer Space, Under Water Adventure and Camping! The themes also allowed for some fun inhouse field trips! The classes enjoyed an amazing bubble show by BubbleMania, they watched as they created fun bubbles using different shapes and sizes, some lucky friends even got to go inside of a bubble! We also had a blast with Ranger Jack who came in and told stories and sang songs with the children. The kids had so much fun dancing the morning away.

In August, the class explored new themes like, Down on the Farm, Volcanoes and other eruptions, Things that Fly and Fitness Fun. The class enjoyed some more fun like making a volcano out of salt dough and watching it erupt using vinegar and baking soda. They also did some yummy cookery, the classes created a sheep using graham crackers, cream cheese and marshmallows! The children also enjoyed a visit for the Alhambra Fire Department and their friend Sparky the dalmatian. They discussed all about fire safety and even brought along some gifts for the little ones.

Throughout the summer the kids also enjoyed lots of waterplays and bubble days. This year the school introduced a brand-new waterslide that the classes enjoyed every other Wednesday, they really looked forward to this every time!

September brings a brand-new school year! We are so excited to see what this year has in store. September allows for the opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. The classes will begin with the theme of All About Me, the children will get a chance to introduce themselves and talk a little bit about their families. The classes will also be focusing on building relationships, whether it be friend to friend, teacher to student, or even parent to teacher. We hope everyone takes the time to build relationships that will last. September we will also hold Back to School Night where the families will be able to come in and see their children’s classroom and learn a bit more about what the children will be doing throughout the school year. We are also happy to restart or Enrichment programs, every day the children will work on a different lesson in art, cooking, music, computers, and Spanish.

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