Summer 2020

Summer Recap:

The summer brought a lot of fun activities for the kids to explore! Each week filled with new themes to explore from Up in Outer Space to down Under the Sea and everything in between. They enjoyed virtual field trips, like watching the Disneyland fireworks for 4th of July, and watching different volcanoes from around the world during their Volcano week. They classes ended the summer with an Olympics themed week, they enjoyed different sport matches, and created hand print torches. They all made medals out of pancakes and turkey bacon for a cooking lesson. The toddler’s class used their hand eye coordination to thread fruit loops into a necklace to create their own fun medals! The highlight of the summer was when the classes created their own volcanoes and experimented with chemical reactions to create their own volcanic explosions! With the summer program coming to an end, August 12th started the fall program. We welcomed new and returning friends and learned new ways to say hello from a distance. The children focused on hand washing and how to stay clean and safe.

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