Summer 2019

Summer Recap:

The summer flew by! The children had such a fun time during our summer program! Our school carnival, the biggest event of the summer was a huge success! I would like to thank the parents who took the time to volunteer! The parent volunteers made the games and activities even more enjoyable. We couldn’t have put on such a large production without your support! And to the parents who were able to take time off work to attend. I hope you enjoyed the event!

Throughout the month of July, the students participated in so many fun activities. They enjoyed water fun days that included a water slide, bubbles, and a splash pad for our toddlers. For our in-house fieldtrips the children were entertained by Professor Egghead. She explained to the children the importance of the states of matter. As well as safety precautions when using scientific tools for experiments. The students were able to participate in the experiments then they were able to take home their own container of snow.

For the month of August, we continued our water fun days as well as our in-house field trips. The Alhambra Fire Department did a wonderful job-sharing important information about fire safety and prevention. The children were able to see the firefighters suit up close, so they know not to run from them in case of an emergency. Then Ranger Jack came to our school with a high energy, musical performance that included live singing, dancing, instruments and puppets. The staff and children had such a great time, learning new songs and singing familiar ones.  This was a time filled with fun and laughter.

The book of the summer was, "Only One You," by Linda Kranz. The moral of the book was to embrace the individuality in our own strengths. We may face difficulties, but we should view the positive around us despite the challenge. The story was told from the perspective of a mother fish sharing her wisdom to her baby fish. The illustration of the book displayed fish with their own unique design. This inspired the rock river that is now placed on the primary playground. The river contains rocks that are painted by each student from our school to serve as a reminder of the beauty in being different.


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