October 2020

October Recap:  

In October, the children have been enjoying exploring the new season. They also, planted their new classroom gardens and enjoyed caring for it all month.  

The theme for October was Solar System and Space. The children spent the month creating their own solar systems, as well as their own space shuttles, some even had their pictures put into them!  In October, the classes also discussed Fire Safety Week. The children practiced what to do in case of a fire and participated in our monthly fire drill. In October we also introduced our new Spanish program for enrichments called Muzzy. Muzzy allows the children to learn Spanish in a new way using songs, and games. The children were so engaged and absolutely loved the new program!

The children had so much fun, during their Halloween party, they got to dress up and had some fun snacks with their friends. Thank you to all the families that donated snacks and goodies.​

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