November 2020

November Recap: 

In November, the children were able to explore all that Fall had to offer. The weather had shifted into colder times, and the fall leaves created fun arts and crafts! The theme of the month was Virtues and Values, they learned about the importance of being nice to one another. While spending time creating fun Thanksgiving projects, they also had a chance to think about what were thankful for. They ended the month with our annual Harvest Feast, they were so happy to be able enjoy a fun lunch with their classmates.

          For enrichments, the children learned about Jazz in music, Andy Warhol in art, and created yummy fall favorites for cooking class. They also continued their learning paths on for computer class, they followed along the silly adventures with Muzzy learning the colors of the rainbow, the different seasons, and how to say things like “friends” or be able to say if they are hot or cold in Spanish class.

          Parent conferences were a great success, thank you to all the parents for your patience and participation.

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