November 2019

November Recap:

November was all about "Harvest and Healthy Bodies". In our primary rooms the students were introduced to the benefits of eating foods off the food pyramid. They also learned about the importance participating in physical education. The students were familiar with some of the items on the food pyramid because of their experience with the Snack Host Program. Thank you, parents for your participation. They are developing a greater interest in healthy foods. In toddlers, the students also participated in the theme, "Harvest and Healthy Bodies" by learning how to sign the words, eat, happy and thank you. They really enjoyed singing songs with movements about food. The teachers sang, "Biscuits in the oven" and "I like to eat."

For our November Enrichments, in cooking class the students were able to experiment with the seasonal flavors of pumpkin and cinnamon, which smelled so wonderful. For music, the students were introduced to Beethoven and the instruments he used. They listened to the song, "Hymn of Thanksgiving." The children were mesmerized by the sounds. In art, the children had so much fun experimenting with splash paint. Leaves have been a fascination for the month, so the students were thrilled to include it into their art piece. The Spanish class practiced words to increase their vocabulary about the parts of the body. They did this by singing head, shoulders, knees and toes. During computers the children practiced using the mouse and keypad by exploring the various subjects on ABCMOUSE.


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