December 2019

December Recap:

December was a short and busy month. The school wide theme covered Seasons and Holidays. The children enjoyed exploring the diversity of the different holidays while learning about the fun activities that occur in the winter. The students absolutely loved the visit from Santa Claus. He brought great joy to our school! The students had the opportunity to take photos with Santa. Some enjoyed Santa from afar, others were eager to give him a hug. All students were given a holiday treat. The staff and children worked so hard on making the holiday recital spectacular! They all did an excellent job with their performances!

We would like to show our gratitude for all the generous ways you have supported our school throughout the month of December. The See’s Candy fundraiser was a success! We had a high level of participation who promptly submitted their orders. We were also amazed at the interest and involvement in our Hathaway program, each gift was graciously given to support a child or teenager in need. Thank you to the families who contributed towards our Sweet and Salty treat exchange for staff. The staff really enjoyed the delicious and thoughtful treats. We truly appreciate all the efforts made by parents to partake and sustain our school events!


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