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Archived: Toddler Blog 2019-2020

Summer Recap What an amazing summer we had! We ended the summer on a high note. The children were full of excitement during this month due to the wonderful in field trips we had. Bubblemiana was our favorite show. The toddlers enjoyed watching all the equipment the lady used to make different size bubbles. They also enjoyed Ranger Jack who sang all of their favorite songs. He had the children moving their feet to the beat with different instruments. Lastly the magic show amazed the toddlers with his many, disappearing acts. With all the fun going on we surely didn’t forget about our Montessori jobs. The toddlers continued to participate in their daily activities. This month we focused on the theme, Down on the Farm. The toddlers learned about pigs, ducks, cows and tractors in which they all made a craft of. They also did an amazing activity that represented them milking a cow. The utters were quite silly because the toddlers where dealing with a strange sensation as liquid was being squeezed out. In practical life, the children participated in jobs such as sweeping beans and some science jobs dealing with the colors red, yellow and blue. The children mixed two of each color to see what new color they will make.

September 2019

September Recap What an amazing way to kick off the school year this September, learning about “All About Me”. The children enjoyed learning their body parts such as their eyes, nose and mouth. They also learned a few songs such as “Where is thumbkin?” and “Head, shoulders, knees and toes”. These songs were a great way to get the children to recognize the names of body parts and fingers. Istrongly suggest practicing naming body parts at home, so our toddlers are familiar with them and continue their journey in learning. During their Montessori learning the toddlers focused on their primary colors (red, blue and yellow) by doing many crafts such as a red apple and a yellow bus. They liked learning about blue through a sensory bottle that had many items that were blue in the bottle. The toddlers also focused on their hand eye coordination doing puzzles and grasping doing a color sorting job that they had to grasp the colored ball to the right color. We also did a fun cooking activity where the children madea little person from cheese using a cookie cutter which they enjoy for snack when they awoke from their nap.What an amazing way to kick off the school year this September, learning about “All About Me”. The children enjoyed learning their body parts such as their eyes, nose and mouth. They also learned a few songs such as “Where is thumbkin?” and “Head, shoulders, knees and toes”. These songs were a great way to get the children to recognize the names of body parts and fingers. I strongly suggest practicing naming body parts at home, so our toddlers are familiar with them and continue their journey in learning.

October 2019

October RecapOctober is the month where the children enjoy celebrating Halloween and oh-boy did they. The children looked very cute in all their costumes as well a couple of teachers participated. The children enjoyed doing our small treat or treating walk around the school gathering up some goodies then ending the day with a small Halloween party. October’s theme was Five Sense and Feelings. The toddlers room enjoyed learning about their five senses by doing amazing activities that encouraged them to use their senses such as “Touch” they matched textures, “Sight” playing I spy, “Hearing” practicing using their listen ears, “Taste” eating two different colored apples and explaining what is sweet and bitter, and last “Smell” we have scent bottles which the children enjoyed smelling different herbs. As for Montessori jobs the children used tape to make a mummy craft using their fine motor skills, which some were having trouble due to the stickiness of the tape and trying to place them down on the paper but after a couple attempts many got the hang of it and couldn’t wait to place down more. We also had a matching leaf job which many mastered at their first try and another job that involved the children placing a plastic eyeball into a small caldron, in this activity the child is practicing their pincer grasp.

November 2019

November Recap Our focus was the meaning of being thankful and what it is to be a friend. We did many activities that involved sharing. We also practiced using our manners such as saying thank you, please and no thank you. One of the enjoyable activities the children did was celebrated Thanksgiving by having a Friendsgiving lunch in class. They enjoyed eating the variations of colorful healthy treats and having the company of their friends who sat around them. It was fun! For our Montessori activities we learned how to whisk bubbles. This activity contained a bowl full of water and dish soap. The children enjoyed whisking in circular motion creating bubbles. Next, we practiced transferring pom poms. This activity involved using tweezers to pick up and drop different pom poms into a turkey container. Some children found it difficult to use the tweezers, so we let them pick it up with their hands. We also transferred water with a droplet. This activity contains two small bowls one full of water which we put red food coloring in and the other is empty. The children found this a little hard. They had to squeeze the droplet to allow the water to flow up then squeezed again into the empty container. But practice always makes perfect.

December 2019

December RecapDecember was all about “Seasons and Holidays.”   We started off learning about Winter and what the weather is like during this time. We learned about dressing warm. In case we are sick, the importance of covering our mouths when we cough and wiping our noses.  In Math, we counted snowmen and reviewed our numbers. In Language, we focused on letters l, m, and n. In Science, we learned about different seasons, the different weather they bring, and we explored with ice. In Sensorial, we explored different triangles in sizes and textures. We learned about the Winter Holidays and all the fun things that we can do for our family and friends.  December’s enrichments were fun and exciting! Santa came to visit, and we took photos with him. We held a book exchange in our class that was filled with so many great books! For Art, we created a Christmas tree out of triangles. We also made decorations for our class. The children participated in our Holiday Recital.  They sang “Jingle Bells” and learned some Spanish for “Donde Esta Santa Claus?”  The children did such a good job!  We used bells throughout the month and really enjoyed them!

January 2020

January Recap:  January’s theme was” Winter Animals and Hibernation”. During circle time we discussed; where the animals live, why animals adapt to the cold weather, what animals hibernate and how do animals prepare for hibernation. We combined the theme with fun art & craft projects such as coloring, gluing, brush painting and finger painting. New practical life skills were introduced as well. The children had the opportunity to practice folding towels, card sewing, and stringing beads. During the last four weeks the children explored with sensorial materials such as, temperature tablets, smelling bottles, fabrics and sound cylinders. In math, they learned counting from 1 through 10, number puzzles and counting using objects. We introduced one weekly letter such as “o” “p” “q” and “r” and to make it a more interactive experience we had our share day, which was a success.

The students brought a toy that began with the letter sound of the week, and they had to share their toys with their classmates. We learned the sounds of each letters as well as sharing with friends. For science/culture we covered land/water globe, continent globe, world map and ice. It’s unbelievable how time flies and that we are already getting our teaching material ready for February.

February 2020

February RecapFebruary was a month of Cultural Awareness and friendship. The class created many Valentine’s Day related crafts. The students made heart foot- prints as well as Valentine’s Day cards. They enjoyed sponge painting and gluing hearts as part of their crafts. The colors of the month were all related to the Valentine’s Day theme, which include purple, red, pink, and white. They had a lot of fun learning new sign language such as “I love you”, “friends”, and “please”. The class also learned about the Asian continent. They were very excited as they learned about the Asian culture including the Asian elephant.

For the first week the students were able to practice how to pour ice from one cup to another. They were also able to match socks according to color. Using the pink blocks, they were able to stack one block on top of another creating a tower. On the second weeks the students were able to name objects that they use every day. These objects include water, milk, blanket, cubby, shirt, pants, etc. Covering math, they were introduced to the numbers 5 and 6. On the third week they created shapes with playdough and on the fourth week they put into practice their fine motor skills using the pincer grasp job.

March 2020

March NewsIn March. The theme will be Rainforest and South America. We will be talking about the animals that live in the rainforest and about South America in general. For practical life students will practice large spooning, large tonging, and rolling rugs. Next, for language we will talk about the letters “W”, ” X”, “Y”, and “Z”. Our math activities will include numbers 1-5. For science our focus will be the South American environment. Something else we are looking forward to is our crafts and books we will be reading in celebration of Dr. Seuss. March will be filled with many fun and exciting activities. Lastly, Little Acorn Montessori will be closed for spring break from 3/30/20-4/3/20, daycare will be available by signup only.


“ I did not know much about the Montessori method. As I learned more, I was surprised how it works! Kids were always busy learning and exploring! My son was actually sitting and learning and enjoying!”

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