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Archived: Pre-Primary Blog 2018-2019

Back to School

Summer RecapThank you all for an awesome summer! We will be starting our new school year and although we are very busy preparing, we are very excited. This summer we had fun with our theme Party In the USA, by making our flags, continued our morning Pledge of Allegiance salute, and made red, white and blue cooking class food items. During our Underwater Adventures theme, we sang Slippery fish and made artwork that consisted of sea animal creatures; all while engaging in our Montessori jobs. During the Down on the Farm theme we made cows and sheep artwork and Sang Old McDonald’s Had A Farm. We are looking forward to School Spirit week and Fitness Fun, but the best part of our summer so far has been bubble and water play. We had the music playing for the kids and they danced away as they got wet and popped some bubbles (those kids can dance). At the end they were exhausted and slept through their naptime. We made it through many hot summer days that kept us inside engaged in our Montessori jobs and circle time, we kept them cool and hydrated. We all looked forward to the days when the weather is in the 80’s. We have lots of new little friends in our classroom to welcome and wish all the best to our classmates that have moved into the Primary classes.         

September 2018

September RecapFor the month of September, we had fun with our All About Me theme. Learning about our senses, body parts (how they work), taste, hearing, sight, touch and smell. Also having the family portraits brought in and they had a huge smile while we helped introduce their families for share day. Mrs. Syeda made some beautiful art with the children using their hands or having them create a pattern with some pieces of cut up paper. Music class has consisted of lots of singing and dancing to songs that guide them such as the Hokey Pokey or sometimes the children are asked to sing in front of their friends on their own picking some of their favorite songs. We have continued with our Spanish class and yes, they know the days of the week in Spanish and they love the Brown Bear book in Spanish “Oso Pardo”. This year we added The ABC Yoga for Kids and if you ask them to do the dinosaur they will drop down grab their ankles and do the dinosaur stomp. STEM science is another enrichment that was added this year and we’ve been taking plenty of pictures, so we welcome you to check out the blog to see the experiments of the rainbow cloud and Skittles melting into a rainbow and much more. Cooking class is so yummy and I have not seen one disappointed belly. Montessori curriculum began with sandpaper letters, strawberry spooning, bean spooning, math puzzles and more. Thank you all for coming to Back to School Night and for all that you do in helping in our class.   

October 2018

October RecapThis month we had lots of fun in our classroom! Children were engaged in Montessori learning. They did jobs, practiced spooning beans, traced sandpaper letters and numbers. Our theme this month was the Solar System. The children showed a lot of interest as we talked about the planets. We discussed the Planet Earth as our home and the only plane in our Solar System that sustains life. Earth is also known as the blue planet.

For Art, children painted the earth using blue and green paint, we made handprint spiders and bats, marble painted leaves. Open house was a success our theme was Spring Time. We made a lot of spring related crafts.

In Spanish, the children are enjoying learning how to greet their friends with the words, “buenos dias,” and “buenas tardes.” Music class is always fun, watching the children explore different dance moves. They like to move up and down, twist and shake, all at their own rhythm.

In STEM science we have been studying the colors of the rainbows and the explosion process of a volcano. It was fun to see children dressed in their Halloween costume parading around the block with their self-crafted trick or treats bags.

Picture day went smoothly. Thank you for participating in our snack host program. We have had many nutritional snacks and are looking forward to more! For enrichments besides art, Spanish, music children enjoy our cooking class and are proud eating what they create.

Reminder, our white board for the latest Parent/Teacher communication and please don’t forget to check your children’s filing folders.

November 2018

November RecapThe month of November was all about thankfulness. Thanksgiving was the season that values the time spent with loved ones. It is critical to teach children the meaning of gratitude at a young age because they grow up to be well-rounded individuals. This helps them recognize all the good things they have in their life and will help them overcome struggles. We talked about virtues and values, discussed how to make friends, show kindness, how to be helpful. Then we shared what we are thankful for. Teaching them to say please, thank you, and being kind to others is extremely important. This will also help them appreciate their friends and families.

We also, worked on alphabet sounds, the children were encouraged to bring an object starting with the letter sound. Since the weather began to change, we read books relating to the fall season. Together we read about how the leaves change colors, how there is a chill in the air, staying healthy, wearing warm winter clothing, covering coughs and sneezes, and washing hands. Then we read books about the pilgrims and the Indians. We discussed how the pilgrims came to America and what the Indians did to help them.

The children made several Thanksgiving projects such as, paper plate Turkeys, handprint turkey place mats, fall leaf sorting collages and Indians hats. Everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving potluck and got to experience tasting different dishes, parents were very generous to provide us with these dishes.

Our Snack Host program is picking up, thanks to all our parents who have been providing us with some healthy snacks. This is a great incentive to encourage children to select snacks for their classmates and in return they feel proud to be offering it.

Parents and teacher conferences went smoothly, we discussed goals set for the upcoming year. We kept up our great communication with our parents and discussed discipline and potty training. We will continue to keep in touch and make sure the goals are being met.

December 2018

December RecapDecember was a short month full of fun and enthusiasm! The children were engaged in a lot of activities and projects. We worked on our theme, “Celebration Around the World.” We discussed Hanukkah and why it is celebrated with lighting candles for eight days. Then we talked about Kwanza and how it honors the African heritage through feasts and gift giving. Lastly, we discussed the most the Christmas holiday. Christmas commemorates Jesus, gift giving, family and other social gatherings. It is common for people to express their job for Christmas through decorations. Families enjoy lighting their Christmas trees, hang advent wreaths, stockings, candy canes. Family traditions are instilled during this time of year, for example, setting out cookies and milk for Santa Claus. In class we made Santa stockings and Santa Claus. We decorated our class room and made it look very festive. Children also made holiday cards and ornaments for the tree which were presented to their parents as gifts.

It was very exciting to see Santa clause visiting each class and taking photos with children. Just before the vacation week children were engaged in our Holiday Edition of spirit week. We dressed up, Monday through Friday starting with favorite sweaters, crazy hair, holiday socks, peppermint day and dressing red and white stripes finally pajama day with a favorite book.

January 2019

January RecapOur theme for January was Winter, Snow and Ice. In class we discussed the winter season with the children and how to keep ourselves warm by dressing our bodies in warm, winter attire.

We talked about the different illnesses as some of us and children did get sick.  This was a great lesson to educate the children about how to cover coughs and sneezes. Then we demonstrated the proper way to blow our nose, our wash hands to keep ourselves healthy and germ free.

For our discussion about winter animals, we were able to see how animals prepare themselves for winter to survive during this season. The children learned two new vocabular words, hibernate and migrate. Some animals will have to hibernate during the severe cold. Other animals cannot tolerate the cold, so they move away to a warm place. The animals that do not hibernate or migrate they stay active by hunting for preys and surviving. We talked about how some animals hoard food in borrows underground in winter bears live in caves to stay warm snakes and other reptiles stay underground.

The children were engaged in our winter related theme. We worked on our project making snow, using baking soda and shaving cream it was a good sensory experience to touch and fool the snow like texture. The class also made hand print and marble painted polar bears, paper penguins and bears hibernating in the cave. The children enjoyed reading books related to the winter theme.

We read the book ‘Mitten,’ this is a story about a boy ‘Nicki’ who begs his grandma ‘Baba’ to knit him a Snow-White mitten, in spite of her warning him that he will lose them in the snow and it will be hard to find but he insisted finally she does so. Grandmas or grownups are usually right and know better. Nicki drops his mittens on the snow without being aware of it and then the different animals seeing the mitten since it was cold to get in to keep warm, the mitten was small, but they all snuggled in to accommodate each other, but because of scarcity of space an incident happens the bear sneezes and they all scatter around.

The title contains, educational value, positive message and positive role model.

  1. Listen and follow grownups direction, be it school or home.
  2. Scarcity of space outcome (children sliding down the slide and piling on top of each other can hurt themselves, because. Of scarcity of space.
  3. Keeping warm in winter, mittens or other winter attire.

February 2019

February Recap:  In the month of February we covered a lot. Our theme month was Cultural Awareness and Friendship. We incorporated the theme with culture, we talked about, what culture is. Explaining children that culture is the characteristic and the knowledge of a particular group of people, defined by everything from art, belief, customs, language, religion, social habits, music and other products of human work and thought. We discussed cultural diversity where many cultures are mixed together.

We talked about friendship and what it means as sticking up for one another, we encouraged children in parallel play. This a sign that children are becoming more social and building the skills that lead to friendship. It is important to teach a child empathy and positive values for example a child grabs a toy from his friend, explain the child why the friend is upset. Supervision is the key but sometimes it is best to let the children learn how to navigate social situation on their own and figure out what is acceptable behavior with his friends.

We discussed our president’s past and present, emphasizing on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln better known as Honest Abe. We talked to children how they can change this world by simply following the four step rule “feel, imagine, do and share.” This will shift their mind set from “can I?” to “I can!”

We worked on our handprint projects for friendship, a log cabin for Abraham Lincoln, Chinese lantern for New Years. We made heart crafts for Valentine’s Day. The Valentine’s Day party was much enjoyed by the children, sharing their gifts with friends and appreciating each other. We read the book “Little Blue and Little Yellow.” The book discussed who we are even though we may look different from outside we are the same inside, explaining this we worked on a project with two eggs one brown and one white showing the children that the eggs are different from outside but when we cracked them, they were both the same in side.

March 2019

March Recap March was an amazing time. We discussed our theme, African Savanna. We learned about the location, weather, plants, animals and the people. The savannah is mostly grass with scattered trees it covers half of Africa, a larger area of Australia, South America and India. The weather is the important factor. The temperature ranges from 68 -86. degrees Fahrenheit. Six to eight months are wet summer and four to six months are dry winter. We talked about the different animals that dwell in the savanna like the elephants, zebras, different cat family’s lions, leopards and cheetahs. Then different species of birds. Many animals are endangered due to over hunting and loss of habitat.

The grass land in Australia is called the bush. Many animals migrate during summer. They have the largest animals and animals with tall legs to travel long distances.

The children learned about binoculars jungle explaining used for viewing small animals like birds or far away animals and also to watch dangerous animals up close.

The children enjoyed talking about Africa’s music, dance and culture which plays an important role in how people interact, celebrate and relay historic events. Songs are sung for weddings, birth, hunting and even politics. It’s also believed to ward off evil. The drum is a significant instrument it expresses the mood of the people and evokes emotion. We talked about dancing, body art and face masks in the form of art. We made crafts with paper and painted cheetahs, lions elephants.

We celebrated Dr. Seuss week by dressing up each day differently, we read the book, Red Fish Blue Fish.

April 2019

April RecapThe theme for the month of April was Island and Volcano. We discussed what an island is. We explained it as a piece of land that is surrounded on all sides by water. Some islands are found in rivers, lakes and ponds but most of them are in the oceans. We also discussed the different parts of the volcano. They can develop through volcanic eruptions like the islands of Hawaii.

The students were excited to learn about the Australian animals who are some of the most fascinating and unusual creatures on earth. Approximately 90% of the animals native to Australia are found nowhere else, including the kangaroo, koalas, echidna, dingo and platypus. The children were engaged in making different crafts such as island pictures, koala bears, kangaroos and marbles.

Our book of the month is, “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom,” which is a colorfully illustrated alphabet rhyme book. The kids are delighted by the characters, their tree climbing antics, the vibrant art and bouncy rhyme repetition. The story asks, how many letters can fit up the coconut tree? Too many! But the capital letters come to the rescue and everyone is patched up before the sun is down. The dazzling rainbow parade of colorful letters make them memorable adding to the educational value of this rhyming tale.

The children celebrated the Week of the Young Child, celebrating different activities. The children enjoyed the spring egg hunt and the most enjoyable activity were dying eggs all children made their own Easter baskets.

May 2019

May RecapIn May, we discussed why moms and teachers are important and special. Teachers are special because in school. They play a role of both mother and a teacher. A good teacher helps us become good human beings in the society. Teacher’s know that students are the future. Students look up to teachers for advice and guidance. Students should not only focus on academics but life lessons. Education is important for everyone. It plays various roles in the stages of life.

Our theme for the month of May was Whales and Migration. We talked about the gray, humpback-whale, blue whale, fin back, orca whales and killer whales. We discussed migration. The movement of a person, a group of people or animals to settle in another location. Whales migrate during the warm season to cold waters. Food is abundant when the weather becomes cold and food is scares.

The also children learned about South America. We discussed the climate, geography and the great variety of crops. South America grows potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava with meat and fish, grains, rice, wheat, corn and beans. Their music and dance are a big influence in contemporary rock, pop and folk. The native genre of the Mexican guitar is famous, some popular events the biggest carnival of Brazil. The festival of the flower is world famous. Some traditions welcomed table manners and toasts.

The book for the month of May was, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” written by Eric Carle. His stories are usually connected with nature. They always offer the child the opportunity to learn something about the world around them. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” has two key themes. There is a transformation and growth as it follows a caterpillar change into a butterfly. The other is simple counting, names of fruits and colors theme.

For crafts, the children marble painted whales and frogs, made maracas with dotter paint, created a picture frame, a card and a place mat for mother’s gift. The Mother’s Day tea party this month is the most exciting highlight event. Mothers came and joined their children in celebration with refreshments. The children sang the Mother’s Day song and presented their mothers with the gifts.

June 2019

June Recap In the month of June, we discussed community helpers as a group of diverse people who engage in collaborative tasks and share resources and ideas. These people usually work together to achieve some common purpose or pursue a shared interest. An example of community would be schools, churches, cities, firefighters, police, storekeepers, entertainers, garbage collectors and people in the medical field.

The month of June allowed for us to honor our Dads! We talked to the children about how a father is a pillar of strength and support. He loves his children but strongly disapproves of his children’s misdeeds. Using tough love to prove his point teaching them to appreciate things never to take things for granted, from the food on the table to good education. Spending quality time, all these things makes a Dad special and great.

 Since we are in the summer month of June, we talked about the summer solstice, the term “solstice” is derived from the Latin words sol(sun) and sisters (to stand still) the summer solstice is the longest day of the year. The sun is the highest in the sky. The summer solstice happens every year between June 20 and 22 when the sun reaches its highest elevation in the northern hemisphere making it the longest day of the year with a stretch of sun light that lasts for 17 hours.

The children created some amazing arts and crafts. They made poppy flowers using coffee filters and watercolors and lady bugs with paper plates. Then we created cactus using construction papers, painted them with a fork and also made a beach scene with colored sand.

Summer 2019

Summer NewsThis month’s book is, “The Little Red Hen,” by Paul Gal Done, through his story he teaches us, what you sow, you will reap. The story is a classic folk tale of a fable type that teaches children the virtues of work ethic and personal initiative. The story has important morals, such as, doing things yourself instead of waiting to be told what to do and fairness supports the fruit of labor; it does not share with anyone who didn’t help.

Special thank you to dads, we hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day.

Thanks to all the parents participating in the snack host program! Please continue to do so, children take great pleasure to announce themselves as the host.

Looking forward for the most enjoyable and fun filled summer


“ I did not know much about the Montessori method. As I learned more, I was surprised how it works! Kids were always busy learning and exploring! My son was actually sitting and learning and enjoying!”

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