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Archived: Toddler Blog 2018-2019

Back to School

Summer Recap: It has been an amazing summer here in the Infant Room. The teachers have done their best to keep the infants from staying cool in this hot weather, specially by letting them enjoy Friday water play. Which the infants loved very much!

They also enjoyed doing some incredible crafts that were incorporated in the bi-weekly themes such as Under the Sea, Pirates, and Down on the Farm.

The infants also got to enjoy the fun entertaining magician who filled the room with laughter, the firefighters who showed them how to stop, drop and roll and a petting zoo that was part of our Carnival fun!

September 2018

September Recap: Hello parents, Happy Fall and welcome back to the school year! Summer was fun but we sure are happy that cooler weather is up ahead! September was filled with lots of fun! Back to School Night was a success and thank you all for joining us. We welcomed our new classmates Naomi and Nikole to our class. And we also cheered on our friends Darren and Lucas as they moved on to the Pre-Primary class. September was All About Me month where we all brought in family photos and learned about our family members and pets. We also had a fun game of Who Am Eye? where we had to guess whose eyes were whose. Did you guess your child’s eyes correctly? For our Montessori learning we had many fun activities in our Practical Life component such as practicing our grasping skills by using our knobbed puzzles. We used our fine motor skills by practicing transferring objects from one place to another. We also practiced carrying a tray and cleaning up our spills. For language and counting we named and counted our body parts, animals, fruits and colors. We really enjoyed using our scented and hearing sensorial bottles. Music and movement is always our favorite and most enjoyable time. We sang songs such as Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, The More We Get Together and our all time favorite Wheels on the Bus. We showed off our crawling, walking and jumping skills. We worked on the colors red, blue, yellow and green. We also learned how to sign them in sign language. We worked with the circle and square shapes. We made really cool art projects with our handprints and we finger painted our family tree. We had lots of fun making cookie cutter prints with paint and really enjoyed making and playing with play dough. For our cooking enrichment component, we made yummy cereal yogurt bark by putting cereal in yogurt and freezing it.

October 2018

October Recap: As October is coming to an end, let me brief you on what our fantastic classroom has been doing for this month. Our theme for October was “Solar System and Space”. Oh! how the children on both sides of the class were truly memorized on the colorful planets and stars that shine so brightly. The infants loved singing, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,as the toddlers went ahead and did some marble painting stars. The infants also got the chance to play with sand making amazing earth art and cute tiny footprints spaceships. As for the toddlers, they made the galaxy and each child took part in making a planet, which of course they enjoyed viewing when finished. During our Montessori time, the infants focused on their fine motor skills and movements. They learned many new signs like star, friends, and happy. The infants also explored with some music instruments, learning each instruments sound. The Toddlers Montessori time focused on sandpaper numbers and letters. They also practiced scooping items and matching socks. The toddlers have been working really hard on recognizing the sound of the alphabets. One of the Montessori jobs we introduced to both sides was a Halloween themed activity. It’s called, a Spider web, which is a small crate with holes. Yarn was stringed through making a web. Once that was done there were some toy spiders on the bottom of the crate which the children needed to pull out. The children loved this activity so much! It challenged themselves to see if they could reach and pull out the spiders. That reminds me of Halloween! Our favorite time of year here in the infant and toddler class. I want to thank you parents for dressing up your child for the parade, they looked so cute in their costumes. The Infants and Toddlers did such a Spooktacular job making their Halloween crafts like footprinted Frankenstein and witch as the older ones did mummy tape art and vampire handprints as well.

November 2018

November RecapPlease and Thank you are the words you should be hearing a-lot this November, either your child will verbalize it, or they will be saying it in sign language.

This month we tried to teach our infants and toddlers about Virtues and Values in which we mainly focused on being respectful and using our manners. We practiced sharing toys and taking turns with our friends. We also worked on respecting our peers whether the person is a teacher or a friend. This was a challenge but with consistency and a positive attitude the children will understand that this is the proper way we should treat our peers, especially our parents.

Our infants and toddlers did multiple projects based on Veterans day and Thanksgiving. They also sang songs such as 5 Little Turkeys and We are Thankful. As for our Montessori activities our infants used their fine motor skills by transferring water into bowls by pouring and by using their pincer grasp by picking up cheerios with their thumb and index fingers. Now, as for our toddlers they practiced math by counting Candy Corn. We also did a little science project by placing kernels into an empty jar then pouring sparkling water. The students loved watching the kernels dance and move. The toddlers loved this month’s activities.

The infants and toddlers also loved the amazing feast they had celebrating Thanksgiving. They enjoyed the new experience of eating turkey and mashed potatoes. Oh, what a great feast it was with their friends and teachers.

December 2018

December RecapDecember has come to an end. The infants and toddlers had the opportunity to meet Santa Claus. Many where too frighten to take their pictures but that’s ok, Santa filled the room with warm cheer. He got a few smiles out of the children.  

The infants and toddlers had an amazing time doing wonderful crafts such as a foot print reindeer, marble painting candy canes, elf portraits, and of course snowman crafts. All of the art work shined in the room as our teachers displayed them with pride.

The infants and toddlers did some fun activities such as touching red or blue ice, feeling the cold with their fingers and also making snow. We made snow with just two ingredients baking soda and conditioner. The infants were able to squish the snow in a plastic bag and the toddlers had the chance to feel the soft squishy snow in a container. What made it more exciting was that it was cold! It felt like real snow.

During the Montessori work period, the infants focused on the knob puzzles, self-soothing and holding their own bottles. As for the toddlers they practice scooping up ornaments, decorated a tree and also did some science by playing with magnets and bells. Both sides worked on their fine motor skills by tossing a snow ball into empty holes on a snowman. The children had a blast with that activity.

January 2019

January RecapThe infants and toddlers did a great job adjusting back to our schedule after the long, winter break. We immediately jumped back into our routine. The theme for January was based on Winter, Snow and Ice. The infants and toddlers learned about what animals live in the Artic, where it is icy and snows. They learned about polar bears, penguins and snow owls. We introduced them to many fun facts, and they were able to amazing crafts. In addition, we honored the life of the Great American Hero, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The children made crafts that represent peace to celebrate his legacy.

When it came to our Montessori learning the infants had the opportunity to test their sense of smell by smelling different bottles, containing different scents. For self-care, we practiced washing our hands. We also introduced how to clean and wipe down tray after we finish using it. The infants enjoyed the activity where they were able to pull different objects out of the mystery bag. This activity was their absolute favorite!

The toddlers focused on things we can do in a kitchen, such as pouring water into a pitcher, cutting fruits and vegetables in half with a plastic knife on a cutting board. We helped promote their fine motor skills of pinching and grasp skills by picking up pom-poms and inserting them into a bottle. We introduced new concept of diversity to represent the message Martin Luther King Jr. delivered to America. We did this by using a brown and white egg. The toddlers were able to see they might be different from the outside, but they are the same inside.

February 2019

February Recap:  During the beginning of February, the children did some amazing ground hog’s day crafts. The toddlers made a ground hog snack, that they enjoyed very much. The snack consisted of bread for the body, jam to spread, banana for ears, raisins for eyes and cheese for its two buck teeth. It is a must to try at home with your little ones.

 The Infants and Toddler class also celebrated Chinese New Year’s for our cultural awareness theme. Our room was visited by a dancing dragon who wore red and gold, the lucky colors of china. The other teachers and I were amazed of the positive reactions the children had when they saw the dragon.

As for Montessori the infants explored a lot with sensorial play. They had the opportunity to feel rose petals and crinkle pink paper. The infants also practiced using their pincer grasp by pulling colored scarfs out of its container.

The Toddlers focused on scooping hearts from one container to the other, they also worked on their pincer grasping skills by placing coins inside the slit of the piggy bank. We practiced their fine motor skills by focusing where to place the sticks into the holes.

We would like to thank all of the parents who participated in bringing our infants and toddlers items for their Valentine’s snack bag. We hope all our parents loved their gift from their little ones.

March 2019

March RecapIn March, the infants and toddlers had a blast celebrating Dr. Seuss birthday. One of our lovely teachers even dressed up as The Cat in the Hat. The children were able to bring one of their favorite Dr. Seuss books from home for the teachers to read to the class. We did a green eggs and ham cooking activity which involved green dye, yogurt and a Vanilla Wafer, which the children enjoyed eating. The children also made amazing Dr. Seuss themed arts and crafts.

During Montessori activities the infants focused on the color green. They learned how to mix yellow and blue to make green. They also did many St. Patrick’s Day themed projects. The infants practiced using a spoon while eating and also practiced turning the pages of their book, which they really liked. 

The walkers focused more on their hand eye coordination, trying to stick the yarn into the hole of the bead and color sorting. We used a hand full of Skittles to sort the colors into categories. To develop their fine motor skills, we lifted tape and removed it from the table. The walkers really enjoyed all these jobs.

April 2019

April RecapApril was such an Egg-stravagant month, oh how the children enjoyed the chance to eat a hardboiled egg. We painted Easter eggs and went egg hunting with their cute little bags they made. The children also did some amazing artwork for Easter. In art, we celebrated Earth Day by recycling art projects. The children’s favorite was painting the planet Earth. 

Our curriculum theme was based on Islands and Volcanoes. The children learned about the parts of a volcano. They also focused on Australia where they learned about koalas and kangaroos.

During our Montessori learning about the sensorial feelings of rough and soft. They also focused on counting with the plastic Easter eggs.

The older children also focused on hand and eye coordination which they did an amazing job with.

May 2019

May RecapDuring the fifth month of the year, the children in the toddler room were very excited to learn up close about the life cycle of a butterfly. They got to see what a caterpillar looked like. After a couple of days, the caterpillar spins itself into a chrysalis. Then when ready, it pushes itself out into a beautiful butterfly. The toddlers were amazed of this process. Afterward, we set the butterflies free into the world.

Our curriculum focused on all type’s whales such as Belugas, Orcas, and Narwhals. The children learned the “W” sound and that whales live in the ocean. They made many crafts regarding whales. 

During the month of May we celebrated Cinco De Mayo by doing a fun cooking activity. We made guacamole which the children loved! They were able to smash avocados and tomatoes together. We also celebrated Mother’s Day, we hope all our mothers enjoyed the little event and of course the beautiful gift that was made.

Our Montessori focus was based on self-help. This included wiping faces and noses. The children have also been practicing helping with pulling their pants up after diaper changes. We highly recommend that all parents involve their children in participating in this process to prepare for toilet training.

June 2019

June RecapIn June the students focused on Community Helpers. The children had the opportunity to learn about many types of community jobs. We studied the duties of the mailman, firefighter, policeman and veterinarian. The children participated in many fun activities that involve these types of workers. They cut and pasted and made a mail car and a flame for the firemen. They also made a police car with their hand print and bandage up a dog or a cat like a veterinarian also painted a yellow tooth with a tooth brush. 

As for Montessori jobs: The children practice counting 1 to 5 with their fingers. They picked up rocks and felt which ones were heavy and which ones were light. The children also did some dress up as many community helpers. Which they loved. 

We wanted to thank all the fathers that had the chance to come to our Father’s Day celebration. We hope that all enjoyed the yummy treats and the gift that was made.  

Summer 2019

Summer NewsNow that summer has arrived, the children will experience an exciting summer program! The program has weekly themes such as Party in the USA, Underwater, Outer Space, Only One You, Farm and Spirit Week. We will also have water play days, bubble play days and even water slide days.  

As a friendly reminder the temperature will be hot this summer so please make sure you bring your child already with sunscreen. If needed to reapply, the teachers will do it later in the day. 


“ I did not know much about the Montessori method. As I learned more, I was surprised how it works! Kids were always busy learning and exploring! My son was actually sitting and learning and enjoying!”

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