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“Was so fortunate to have my son attend this school for almost a year. He was in the infant room and loved it. He started crawling after only 3 days of attending the school and walking at just 8 months. Love the teachers and staff especially Miss Dolores the school chef and the awesome team in the infant roon lead by Miss Niki….they made my son feel welcomed and cared for and I was really sad that we moved this month because I wanted him to stay. Miss Susie is such a great director and took time to personally call me when anything came up.  The ladies that were teaching the older children would switch off to help out in the infant room when needed…great team work and just a wonderful experience we had there…thank you so much.
We will miss everyone there… Vanessa, Annie, Patty, Nicole, Amanda, Melissa, Tiara, Johanna, Monica and many more….you ladies are awesome…”
– Angela D.

“As a new parents we must confront decisions that will make critical differences in the life of our child.  Such was the decision to 1) move from an at home nanny to a preschool setting and 2) choosing a preschool that will provide the warmth and nurturing every child needs plus the careful guidance and positive encouragement for their developmental growth.  
Little Acorn Montessori Academy has been a wonderful experience for our daughter and for us.  As parents we are informed of school projects, activities and learning progress. Our daughter enjoys every day —  we know because we asked her daily — and has blossomed from her traumatic first days in the infant room into a happy toddler navigating social interaction with classmates and then into a confident four year old with manners and critical thinking skills.  The Montessori approach to child development and self determined learning has prepared her well academically — she scored very well in private school entrance exams.  
We highly recommend this school. It’s diverse, welcoming and everyone is nice, cordial and respectful — qualities they impart to the children. 
Our experience with the parents on the birthday party circuit has been terrific too.  The friends our daughter has made at Little Acorn Montessori Academy are deeply cherished”

– Ari G.

“If you need infant care then this is the place to go.  I had my son here starting when he was 3 months old, and having never had a child before I was slightly hesitant to leave him anywhere – but we do need to work. After a very short time we were so happy that we had gotten into Little Acorn. The amount of growth and knowledge that he acquired during his time in the infant room continually amazed us!  I mean, we had no idea he could read the alphabet and read numbers 1-9 in both English and Spanish until he did it at home.  We most certainly cannot take the credit for that… other than sending him here. If you have an infant and need day care then I’d definitely recommend Little Acorn.”
– J. G.

“My three daughters have been at Little Acorns for the last year. We have been delighted and the girls skip to school excited every day. 
The teachers are warm, friendly and give individual attention, they were especially helpful with our transition as we moved in from another city. 
We love their resident chef that serves healthy breakfast lunch and snacks. 
They arrange extra curricular activities that happen during school time, which beats the endless evening shuttling to different events!! Their dance, sports, music and soccer classes are brilliant.  
Their kindergarten class is small with a wonderful teacher, our daughter thrived there and it prepared her well for first grade. 
Our twin four year olds are in separate classes by our request and it has been great to see them flourish and grow at their own pace and develop their own friends.  
The centre director and owners are very involved and ask, then listen and act on feedback a lot.   
We toured a lot of places when we moved here and this place stood out. 
We couldn’t have wished for a better place to send our three girls.”

– Val W.

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